The Ultimate Checklist To Keep Your Home In Order

Our environments play a crucial role in either supporting or impeding us in our daily quest for a successful and happy life. In our everyday life, we have three key environments – our work environment, home environment and social environment – where we spend bulk of our waking hours in. When well set-up, these environments can help us to thrive in life instead of being a minefield we’re forced to regularly walk on. Personally I believe that there are few things like the insidious stress of living in a cluttered and filthy apartment!

Just recall the wondrous expansive feeling you get whenever you enter a hotel room. While being on vacation contributes, a large part of the positive feeling is due to being in an environment that’s clean and clutter-free. The good news is we can recreate that fairly easily without engaging a domestic help through a good set of routines! Below are some cleaning and organisational ideas to adopt and implement on a regular basis. Feel free to filter through the suggestions and adopt only those helpful to you.

Daily Routine

  • Morning – Make bed, Empty dishwasher, Put away dishes, Wipe kitchen bench, Wipe sink, Wipe bathroom vanity, Wash your dirty laundry and put washing on line
  • During the day – Pay bills online, Go to the bank/post office, Reply emails/text messages
  • Evening – Wash dishes, Wipe kitchen bench, Wipe sink, Clean stove top, Discard or file away paper clutter, Check and note down the household items that need replenishing, Walk around all corners of the house and pick up clutter that need to be stored correctly or thrown away, Clear away any paper or dirty laundry pile, Fold and put away washing

Weekly Routine

  • Bathroom – Clean bathroom, Clean toilet, Refill toilet paper holder, Wash towels and floor mats
  • Floors – Vaccum floors, Mop floors
  • Dust – Dust at least half the house (especially the areas you spend the most time in, such as your bedroom)
  • Bedroom – Wash all bed linens, Tidy and dust dresser and bedside tops
  • Kitchen – Clean microwave, Disinfect bins, Discard spoiled food in fridge, Clean fridge, Wash table clothes, table mats, apron and kitchen towels
  • Groceries – Write meal plan for next week, Write shopping list for next week, Shop for next week, Pre-cut fruits and vegetables, Cook in bulk
  • General – Iron, Declutter one area of the house, Quick garden weed, Tidy inside car, File paper clutter, Tidy office desk, Pay bills

Monthly Routine

  • Bedrooms – Tidy wardrobe, Throw out or donate old clothes, Fix any tears in clothes, Send shoes for repair, Send coats for dry washing, Dust blinds. Wash donnas/quilts, Wash fans
  • Kitchen – Wipe cupboard doors, Wipe appliances, Tidy fridge, Tidy food storage areas, Tidy plates storage areas
  • General – Vacuum under furniture, Dust ceiling cornice, Clean car, Wash external bins


  • General – Wash curtains, Wash cushions, Wipe light switches and door knobs, Clean fans and fake flowers, Vacuum vents, Wash front door, Clean windows, Clean washing machine, Clean/tidy garage, Tidy up Garden,
  • Fertilize garden beds, clean outdoor furniture
  • Kitchen – Clean freezer, Clean fridge, Clean dishwasher, Clean oven, Descale Kettle
  • Bedroom – Vacuum, air and rotate mattress

The above list, despite its immense benefits when followed through, can feel overwhelming at a glance. To overcome that, I use habit stacking to incorporate them into my everyday life. For instance, I would do my daily evening routine right after dinner when the body is feeling full and craving some movement to digest the meal. As for my weekly routine, I like to do them first thing after my morning workout on a Saturday when my energy level is high and I would then have most of the weekend to enjoy a clean home. In only a month of implementing this, I’ve transformed my home from a roof over my head to a cosy sanctuary I’m excited to return to each day.

Which area of your home do you struggle the most to keep clean and organised? How do you keep your home in good order? Share your tips with us in the comments below. 🙂

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