Daily Brisk Walking Benefits

You do not have to go to the gym every day to reap the benefits of exercise. Daily brisk walking benefits are immeasurable. According to research, brisk walking helps bring certain rhythm to your life that no other form of exercise can. Therefore, it is not all about parks and sports shoes. All you need is to walk out and brisk walk for some distance. Your level of fitness will determine the number of steps and the rate per 100m hence the more you get used to it the more fit you become.

Daily Brisk Walking Benefits

A lot of research has been conducted on the aspect of brisk walking and its effects on human health. Walking has been known to reduce someone’s weight but the speed is what matters the most. Brisk walking is, therefore, more beneficial than just normal walking. Research conducted by the University of Virginia Researchers indicates that a sample of women involved in three separate fast-paced walks were able to lose more than 5 times of their belly weight compared to those that strolled for a whole week for about 5 times. Fast paces have also been associated with the loss of visceral fat that is on the surface of organs like the kidney and liver mostly associated with diabetes and heart attack. These are just but a few benefits of brisk walking. In this article, we will evaluate the benefits of brisk walking and how we can effectively reap those benefits.

Reduces Chances of Suffering from Cardiovascular Problems

Harvard Medical School conducted research that indicates that the risk of getting heart attack can be reduced with up to 30% if a person walks for just 21 minutes every day. If that’s so, think about how the same can be reduced if one brisk walks for the same time. Cardiovascular problems tend to be reduced by more than 31% by just taking a few minutes every day to brisk walk. It also reduces the risk of early deaths by more than 32%. If you make brisk walking every day’s habit, then the chances of experiencing a cardiovascular problem in life will be very limited.

Battles Obesity

People always say that the simplest form of exercise is walking. However, this is not true because if you want to get any benefits from walking, you are supposed to be making fairly fast rather than just strolling. With increased speed, it will be easier for you to cat the extra weight in your body. Research conducted in 2014 by the University of Utah indicates that brisk walking every day in women can cut their chances of being obese by 5%. Another research conducted by Harvard School of Public Health indicates that the genes can be promoted by a half hence reducing the chances of suffering from obesity.

Reduction in Pressure

It has usually been said that brisk walking every day reduces blood pressure. To be more specific, brisk walking for at least 10 minutes every day is one of the ways that one can reduce blood pressure according to research conducted by Arizona State University.

Curb Diabetes

It has been discovered that brisk walking is very essential in curbing diabetes according to research conducted by the American Diabetes Association. If you are diabetic, you should not begin with fast paces. A slow walk of 3 to 5 minutes that can then be extended to brisk walking of 5 to 10 minutes is the best way. As you brisk walking, keep the chin up and the spine straight. You can alternate the days with short walks and brisk walking to increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

Cancer Prevention

Brisk walking for between one and three hours has also been seen to reduce the risk of deaths associated with uterine and breast cancer by up to 19%. Moreover, walking for three to five hours every day reduces the risk of death from breast and uterine cancer by up to 54%. These findings were published in 2012 after research on women’s health was conducted by Harvard University.


Sitting idle and walking sluggishly is not of any benefit to your health. Moreover strolling and assuming that you are reaping the benefits of walking is not beneficial either. You have got to be a little more aggressive. Every day, spare some few minutes to brisk walk and most definitely, your efforts will reduce the chances of you getting breast or uterine cancer. It also curbs diabetes, drops your blood pressure, battles obesity and reduces the chances of suffering from cardiovascular problems like stroke.